Whole House Surge Protection Electrician Miami, FL

Have you ever seen the lights dim in a home when a large appliance like a refrigerator turns on? This is the result of an electrical surge. Without proper house surge protection, these electrical spikes can damage other electrical devices that are plugged into the same wiring circuit. Even more catastrophic surges can occur if lightning strikes a power line near your home. Whole house surge protection requires two different technologies to prevent damage to your home's electrical devices.

Whole House Surge Protection Electrician Miami, FL

Common reasons for power surges in the home are:

  • Lightening strike of a power line (occurring less than a mile from your home)
  • Power lines that have been downed
  • Local industrial electrical demands
  • On/off cycling of home appliances such as refrigerators and HVAC

Damages from a lightning strike can cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your electrical equipment. A surge from outside your home can travel on any wire that leads into your home. This means an electrical wire, a TV/internet cable and even your telephone line. For large surges caused by lightning, a whole house surge protector is needed to curtail the electrical overload from ever reaching your internal home wiring system.

A surge caused by lightning can cause irreparable damage to a host of common home electronics.

  • Telephone answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • Satellite and home theater systems
  • Computers and modems
  • Circuit boards in refrigerators, ovens and alarm systems

Tasco Miami FL can help you choose the right unit for your home and provide professional installation services.

Surges occur more commonly from cycling devices in your home, or downed power lines. Each time your HVAC or refrigerator turns on, a surge or spike of electricity runs through the individual wiring circuit in your home. These recurring surges, over time, can harm other devices that are on the same circuit until one day your television or microwave simply doesn't work anymore.

Power strips with surge protection are the second line of defense against internal power surges in your home. However, don't be fooled into thinking that your home is protected just because you have your equipment plugged into a power strip. Important criteria for power strips have to be met to provide your electronic devices with adequate protection. If these standards are not present, the power strips are no better than plugging a piece of equipment into an unprotected wall socket.

Power strips with surge protection should meet the following criteria; the strip should:

  • Cease to function after a surge has damaged the power strip's circuits
  • Have a clamping rating of 400 volts or lower – lower is better protection
  • Be rated to protect ground, hot and neutral incoming lines – look on the product specification sheet for the letters N–G, L–N and L–G
  • Have the ability to take up a minimum 600 joules of energy
  • Be UL Standard 1449 – 2nd Edition

Protect your home from the possibility of a whole house surge and from the normal surges caused by common electrical devices. Tasco Miami FL has the experience, knowledge and training to help you get the best protection for a reasonable price. Please call us for a consultation and installation appointment; it's our pleasure to provide you with prompt quality service.

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