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When you are ready to remodel and upgrade your old or out-dated kitchen, Tasco Miami FL is your electrical contractor of choice for the electrical design and electrical installation. An upgraded kitchen can have a significantly positive effect on your home's property value. Remodeling your kitchen is a large undertaking, both in terms of potential cost, but also in terms of the effect it will have on you and your family during the remodel process. The kitchen is generally the "Grand Central Station" of your home, and having it inaccessible for even a small period of time will have an impact on your family and your home – this impact should not be under-estimated. The design professionals and licensed electricians at Tasco Miami FL will work closely with you and your family during the design and construction phases of your remodel project to ensure that any impact to your family is held to an absolute minimum and that's why we are the Seattle area Electrical Contractor of choice.

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Before beginning a kitchen remodel (or any remodel, for that matter), it is very important to understand your budget and your goals – and to make sure they are not in conflict with each other. Electrical design and installation plans should take into account functionality, aesthetics, and include a list of both need-to-have and nice-to-have items.

The kitchen "work triangle" is a key design concept to carefully consider when you are planning out your kitchen remodel. How do you move and work between the sink, the stovetop or range, and the refrigerator. Are you right or left-handed and how does that come into play with where your counter space is located. Where will the smaller appliances be located (e.g. microwave, toaster, dishwasher etc) and how does that work with the design of the work triangle you have established?

If you have an older home, one of the first items to consider is the scope of your planned upgrade, and whether your electrical service (electrical panel) is large enough to handle the potential increased electrical loads from new appliances. An electrical service upgrade can be an unexpected source of cost escalation during a kitchen renovation. The electrical design and electrical estimating professionals at Tasco Miami FL will help you understand your electrical needs and work with you to develop an electrical installation that meets your design expectations and your budget.

Lighting in the kitchen warrants special consideration and thought. Well-planned electrical lighting circuits and switches can greatly enhance the enjoyment and utility of your new kitchen, and can be a source of energy savings, as well. Dividing your new kitchen into work zones can help you establish an electrical lighting and electrical switch plan. For example, you could have a single light on an electrical dimmer switch over your sink, some electrical track lighting that illuminates a counter eating area, and a few recessed lights over a work island. Considering proper locations for your lighting is important as well. The last thing you want in your primary work and prep areas are dark shadows. Separate electrical switches and electrical lighting circuits can help you reduce your overall lighting usage by allowing you to turn off electrical lights when you are not working in that area. Additionally, installing electrical dimmer switches can allow you to use this lighting for low-level nighttime illumination.

Understanding the electrical circuit requirements for any new appliances is also critical to successfully planning your kitchen remodel. Certain newer refrigerators and freezers (e.g Subzero style) require special (i.e. dedicated) electrical circuits just for that appliance. Built-in microwave ovens require their own dedicated electrical circuit, as well. All of the electrical outlets in your kitchen must be protected by either a GFCI electrical circuit, or properly located and installed GFCI receptacles. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter and are required for all kitchen outlet locations according to the National Fire Protection Association. The electrical design professionals at Tasco Miami FL will prepare an electrical diagram or electrical schematic showing how the electrical outlets should be wired together to make them most useful to you.

You may want to consider adding an insta-hot at your sink. This generally requires 120v power, but really high-end models may require a special 240v electrical circuit. Depending on the configuration of your range-top or stove, special consideration may need to be given the range hood and its electrical power requirements. If you are moving your range hood, don't forget to check into any roof penetration requirements for venting.

Kitchen remodels require considerable coordination between the electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, general construction contractor, and others. Tasco Miami FL's team of experienced residential electricians has the expertise to help make your kitchen remodel vision a reality. From evaluating your current home wiring situation, to making electrical design recommendations, to suggesting appropriate electrical products such as plugs, switches, outlets, light fixtures, appliances, and other items, the electrical professionals at SME will help you make your kitchen remodel a resounding success.

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