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When you are ready to install, replace, or upgrade your hot tub, Tasco Miami FL is your choice to perform the electrical installation. SME's licensed electricians have the experience and training to professionally complete the electrical work required for you to enjoy your new investment. Here are some basics to consider if you are thinking about purchasing and installing a new hot tub.

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The most important part of any hot tub installation is planning. There are a tremendous variety of locations and configurations that you may use to install a hot tub in or around your home. The closer your hot tub is to the house (or bedroom) the more often you will use it.

Installations on existing decks are not uncommon but be aware that most decks are not designed to support the weight of a filled hot tub and the advice of an engineer is highly recommended. Remember, the average filled hot tub can weigh in excess of 5000 pounds.

The hot tub itself must sit on a single solid surface – a concrete pad is best for this use. A typical pad is 3 ½ inches thick with reinforcement wire. Consultation with a concrete contractor is advisable when deciding where to locate your hot tub. If you are thinking of sinking your hot tub partially into the ground, you will need to have a retaining wall built around it with at least 12 inches of clearance all the way around the tub. You may want to consider this approach if the overall height of the hot tub is not to your liking.

There are additional considerations if you are thinking about an indoor installation. We recommend you consult with the supplier or distributor of your hot tub if you want to install your hot tub inside.

The typical electrical wiring for a package hot tub system is one 240 volt (240v), 40 or 50 amp electrical circuit. The National Fire Protection Association publication 72 (the NEC – National Electrical Code) requires that a disconnect switch be within visible distance from the pump (local codes may differ), but at least 5 feet away from the edge of the tub (for safety reasons). All electrical circuits need to be protected by a GFCI electrical circuit breaker. Additionally, you need to have an electrical receptacle between 6 and 20 feet from the hot tub. This electrical outlet can be on a general purpose electrical circuit and does not require GFCI protection.

As an electrical contractor, Tasco Miami FL guarantees that all electrical services we provide are completed with safety and professionalism first and foremost. When you are ready to install your new hot tub, the licensed electricians of Tasco Miami FL will be at your service.

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