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Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling your old home, TASCO Electrical can help make your home more user-friendly. By adding or moving electrical switches and outlets, we can help your home make more sense for how your family lives even in case of an electrical emergency in Miami, FL. TASCO Electrical has 24 Hour Emergency Electricians in Miami ready to help you with your electrical emergency in Miami.

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With the abundance of consumer electronics and appliances, many homes are not equipped with enough electrical outlets. Most often people will add an adaptor or power strips to an existing two-outlet receptacle to allow more devices to be plugged in to one outlet. There is a danger of overloading the circuit but the bigger danger is fire. This in turn will be real cause and alarm for an electrical emergency in Miami.

If the wiring in your home is done correctly, overloading will simply trip the circuit. However, if wiring is faulty an electrical fire could start inside your walls or spark and ignite drapes or carpet. Power strips and adaptors with surge protection and auto shut off can be used. But for appliances and audio/video equipment, it is better to have additional outlets installed.

Garages that double as shops and kitchens that are equipped with multiple appliances are another area where additional outlets and light switches would help however, if not properly installed, this could end up being a major electrical emergency in Miami. Adding a ceiling fan with additional options that were not previously there, such as a light kit, will need additional wiring and a switch for wall operation.

If you decorate for holidays, think about what you need for electrical outlets. Overloading an outlet for a Christmas tree is common and, unfortunately is a leading cause of house fires and electrical emergencies in Miami. TASCO Electrical has 24 Hour Emergency Electricians in Miami ready to help you with your electrical emergency in Miami.

TASCO Electrical serving Miami-Dade is happy to help you make your home more user-friendly by adding additional electrical outlets and switches to your home. We can plan and install for new builds, remodels or existing homes. With our experience, all switches and outlets will be wired properly and to code. Call TASCO Electrical for all of your electrical needs in Miami, Florida.

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